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Beijing Mai Ai cultural Communications Limited

Beijing Mai Ai Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (“Mai Music”) is an integrated professional cultural agency engaged in artist management, copyright management, music festival production & operation, music production, and media promotion. Since the 2nd half of 2015, Mai Music has shifted its focus on the production and operation of electronic music projects, with the mission to promote electronic music culture. Businesses include music festivals, electronic music education, artist management, and copyright operation. Influential music brands owned include "fantasy HYPER"——a recreational large-scale electronic music festival, "INTRO"——China's first outdoor professional large-scale music festival, "ShadowPlay"——indoor professional music festival, "Rare Voice" ——small to medium-sized electronic party brand, and "Power Plant P-STATION"——China’s first electronic music education institute. Mai Music has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Europe's largest electronic music label - Italy SAIFAM Group and has become its exclusive management partner in China, owning the copyright of 100,000 songs.

Mai Music operates with cutting-edge ideas and methods, by means of electronic music station, festivals, and new media, to combine electronic music culture with the technology, games, films and television industries. Its multi-dimensional operation and strategic layout will certainly accelerate the development of electronic music culture in China.



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